I failed the eBacc – and I’m proud of it

I had the foresight to fail the e-Bac about 25 years before its inception – thereby neatly avoiding the disgraceful retrospective application of the measure by a decent margin.
Unfortunately this meant that I managed to accrue 9 As, 3 Bs and a C at O-Level, an S-Level in French, then 3 As at A-Level and an AS (the old kind).
I subsequently stumbled my way to a First Class degree in French and German (Joint Honours), admittedly only at Nottingham University (but the “broader education” at the uni where, famously, there are 7 girls for every boy on campus is not easily measured in a league table…)
I then took part in the first tranche of non-Francophone students to pilot the groundbreaking PGCE-Maîtrise programme from Lancaster University, where my personal academic highlight was beating all the Francophone students in one of the 7 Unités de Valeur…
Along the way, I have somehow managed to find time to marry a French wife… 🙂
I now do the best job in the world – learning alongside my pupils as we all move forward into an increasingly complex world, where talk of “factual knowledge” in “core” subjects is more and more irrelevant, as cross-disciplinary skills become the meaningful measure.
I am glad to say that I will still be doing this job in 20+ years time, when hopefully education will finally have been removed the hands – or feet? – of those who kick it about on a 5-year basis while merrily moving the goalposts to fit their own ideological and party-political purposes. And when hopefully there will be less need for fora such as this!
I will be able to say that “I failed the eBac” – but I passed Life with flying colours.

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