Here we Gove again?

I saw a link to this post on Twitter, and my Gove-dar flickered irresistibly into action! I must confess that, 7 times out of 10 I simply tag posts and whack them into delicious for possible future reference – but this one was so well put-together that I responded immediately as follows:

Great post, Keren! (May I contact you directly via email about an idea for collaboration?)

I must admit that I am perhaps less inclined to be generous to Mr Gove: you say that “His intentions are good, he wants the right things. It’s just the way he acts…and the way he talks”, whereas I feel that he has demonstrated in his work so far that he has very damaging intentions, in many areas.

I would also love you to point me in the direction of a Gove apology, as up to now, whenever he has been forced into a u-turn, it has been couched in revoltingly self-justificatory terms!

One point in which we are in accord is where you state that he is still “the man for the job… at the moment”. I have heard rumblings for some time now that this time may soon be up.

We shall see – but I fear that, while Education Secretaries come and go, some less damaging than others, ultimately education in this country will only really thrive when blended pedagogies and not narrow-focus ideologies form the foundations for what we are trying to achieve for our young people…


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