– what a fab webtool!

I have just created this page in literally seconds, after a Tweet from the legendary @josepicardo put me onto the tool.

It is easier than falling off a log, and I can see it being a really useful resource for school and outside too. It is a classic example of the new clean, simple interfaces which glide swan-like across the internet, while the clever codey stuff paddles away magically under the surface to make it all happen. Love it!

To edit the page title, page url or body text, simply click on the text. Changes will be automatically saved. To edit the page at a later date, simply visit the given link or click “edit link” at the bottom of the page.

To insert a video place the :video tag (without quotation marks)

To insert a new page into your site add the :page” tag anywhere.

To insert an image, just drag and drop it onto the page

And that is that! Wow!


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