Any splinters, Red Ed?

[in response to Ed Miliband’s blogpost re the strikes planned for June 30th:]

What a truly disappointing response. I fear you may need some urgent medical help after all that fence-sitting, Mr Milliband…

You say that a strike represents failure on both sides. I put it to you that your inability to take up more of a role in this set of circumstances is a failure on your part.

In addition, with teachers and other public sector workers representing a substantial part of Labour’s “heartland” in terms of the electorate, I wonder quite what you are letting yourself in for? If it were not for the fact that many of us are so incandescent with disgust for the other two main parties, I suspect you might be waving goodbye to seeing yourself in power for quite some time…

What is clear to me is this: none of you (and there is not really that much to choose from, such has our politics become a battle between interchangeable clone armies) really deserves our support right now! I am quite keen on the notion of “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” – but not “scratch” in the sense “drive the knife in and twist”…



One response to “Any splinters, Red Ed?

  • George Hallam

    “many of us are so incandescent with disgust for the other two main parties”

    As they say in America:

    “Don’t get mad, get even”.

    In Lewisham we have set up our own part to campaign and fight elections.

    Getting out and arguing FOR policies that are in the interests of the majority AND AGAINST all the main parties is very satisfing.

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