On the 12th day of Christmas (2011)…

I remember writing an attempt at a satirical/alternative “12 Days of Christmas” last year, and feeling nicely catharticized afterwards… so I thought I’d do the same again! Apologies for the total lack of originality… 😉


On the 12th day of Christmas, twenty-eleven gave to me…

12 rioters rioting

11 fat cats purring

10 mad back-benchers

9 unions striking

8 hollow apologies

7 more educational policies devised from a purely ideological standpoint, rather than with any real basis in pedagogical, practical experience (sorry – this line doesn’t actually seem to fit into the rhythm of the rest of the carol, but I felt it was important that I try to squeeze it in, somewhere…)

6 euro bailouts

5 tossed dwarves!

4 less dictators

3 cr*p party leaders

2 Murdochs lying

And a Royal Wedding – oh how lovely!


(P.S. some numbers may not be that close to reality!)


Happy Christmas! 😉


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