Academy Cop-out (to the tune of “Beauty School Dropout”…)

The story’s sad to tell…
A system gone to hell.
A dangerous ideologue at the top.
Our future’s so unclear now;
What’s left of our career now?
It really makes me want to have a strop!

Academy cop-out,
No graduation day for you.
Academy cop-out
Michael Gove hasn’t got a clue!
Well at least he could have taken time
To listen to some teachers,
After spending all his time
With Gibb and other dreadful creatures!

Govey get movin’
Please keep our fading hopes alive!
What are you provin’?
Before teacher morale takes a dive,
If you moved in a re-shuffle, we could heave a mighty sigh,
Undo the damage you have done and wave bye bye!

Academy cop-out
OFSTED are just outside the door.
Academy cop-out
Sir Michael Wilshaw – what a bore!
Well they couldn’t take a class themselves;
Have they ever taught a lesson?
And now satisfactory’s no good,
We’re all doomed to fail, I’m guessin’!

Average pupil
You’re not cut out to hold a job.
Better forget it –
Unless you speak Latin, you’re a yob.
Your eBacc’s done, it wasn’t fun,
Controlled Assessments are so cruel…
What was the point of going to West London Free School?


Govey you blew it!
You put our good advice to shame.
How could you do it?
All those King James Bibles in your name!
Guess there’s no way to get through to you,
No matter who may try
Might as well flop down in our staffroom chairs and cry!

(World Premiere at #ililc2 Show and Tell, Southampton, 25th February 2012)


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