So the idea is – 12 great things from 2012, and 13 things to look forward to in 2013. Thanks to @chocotzar for the concept!

I feel that 2012 has been really generous to me, in many ways, so getting down to 12 will be a bit of a challenge – but that’s not something to complain about, eh?!

  1. Top of the list has simply got to be the Paralympics. I volunteered to be a Gamesmaker back in 2010, and was privileged to work inside the Athletes’ Village, with all the opportunities that afforded me in terms of meeting the athletes face-to-face. The highlights are too numerous to mention here (try here instead!), but I am going to find it very difficult to listen to “Harder Than You Think” for the rest of my life without blubbing! I have signed up for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014, and am seriously considering Rio… Anyone up for joining me? 😉
  2. The Olympics weren’t bad too, of course!
  3. ILILC 2012 – the best MFL conference ever… (until the 2013 one!) Myriad opportunities for face-2-face contact with the growing cohorts of the #mfltwitterati
  4. Also attended my fair share of Teachmeets & Show ‘n’ Tells, the length and breadth of the country and beyond (including a virtual presentation at Teachmeet Belfast!). If it’s driveable, I’ll do it! 🙂
  5. Getting to know my niecelet better and better. Love being hugged round the leg and called “Uncle Ayix”! Passing the best Christmas tree decorating techniques on to the next generation yesterday was very precious…
  6. Finally persuading my wife of the value in joining Twitter! And then realising I have to be REALLY careful about what I tweet!
  7. Getting surprise tickets for Dad and me to go to the England v South Africa match at Twickenham, the day before his 73rd birthday. Special moments. Shame we lost… 😉
  8. Being put on @pekabelo‘s Twitter Tweachers Tubemap!
  9. Having my Franco-Belgian brother-in-law’s family to stay – since Eric’s divorce and remarriage, we now have regular contact with the Provence-inhabiting side of the family, which never happened before. Fab.
  10. Skimbles. If you follow me on Twitter – ’nuff said!
  11. Finding my lost ipod Touch down the side of the staff-room armchair, a year or so after losing it and thinking a pupil had probably stolen it from my desk… How nice to regain both one’s mp3 player AND one’s sense of trust in the essential goodness of people in one feel swoop! 😉 Inspection
  12. Keeping Bipolar properly at bay for the whole year…


And 13 for next year: I fully intend to…

  1. Take more exercise. I have a gym membership, but carrying the card around in my wallet is not expending that many calories…
  2. Stay mentally healthy. Once you have experienced depression, any little shadowy, echo-y glimpses of a past episode can have you wondering how close you might be to the top of the slope, again. But I haven’t had one for a while, now. So let’s not talk about it! 😉
  3. Keep magpie-ing off my amazing educator friends online! I am sure I do have the occasional original thought, now and again… but as I say to my pupils on a daily basis “now, this is an idea I got off a friend on Twitter…”
  4. Enjoy ILILC3. If you haven’t already signed up – not too late, although you have missed out on the “early bird” reduction… And if you need further tempting; I will be premiering my second “Ode to Gove” at the evening Show ‘n’ Tell…
  5. See the new inhabitants of Sparrow Towers take full occupancy of their freshly-installed abodes:

phone dump December 19th 2012 2263

      6. Organise the next Teachmeet Ballard. Spring Term? Summer Term? Not sure yet!

      7. Get rid of my gradually-rusting, totally immobile scooter (12 years after leaving London and pushing it into the garage!)

      8. Make my own cufflinks.

      9. Count to 10 in my head more often in Staff meetings. Without my lips moving.

    10. Look upwards more in towns.

    11. Work out how to carry on numbered lists in WordPress after inserting a photo of bird-boxes into a post.

    12. Really get cracking with BYOD/T at school.

    13. …and finally, echoing @chocotzar‘s final one for 2013: remember to smell the flowers while I can… 😉

And what about a couple of randoms for 2014-2015?

  1. 2014: Michael Gove opens his ears, has a rethink and undoes some of the damage…
  2. 2015: he gets voted out anyway (along with the rest of the current shower)
  3. The UK chooses to manage without an actual Government, Belgium-style…
  4. …and it works

All the best for Christmas and onwards into 2013. I wrote this before, during and after the Apocalypse “hit” – which I am taking as a very good omen indeed!









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