‘Tis the season to be jolly!

I was determined to do two things in the last week of this Christmas term: 1) keep doing actual language-y stuff until the last day and 2) have fun with my classes. It’s been a long term for the pupils, full of tests, Topic Descriptors, Controlled Assessments and so on… not to mention me being in a play outside of school, coinciding with exam-marking/report-writing time. So all-in-all, an enjoyable last couple of days was a necessity for us all!

So I put a few trusty ingredients (chiefly Triptico and ClassDojo) in my brain-blender, and came up with the following:

First off, I shook up the seating plan using Triptico’s “Student Group” picker to create 2 teams in each class. Once they were sitting on each side of the room, and had chosen suitably seasonal team names, I fired up the Triptico “Task Generator”, which I had preloaded with the following options at the weekend:

  • play one game on Linguascope’s “Noël / Weihnachten” section (Snap, Blurry Pictures, Memory Game or Hangman work best, I have found, for the purposes of this). One player from each team, selected at random (Triptico “Flip Sorter”…)
  • play one round of “Christmas Cluedo” in French or German (this is my German version)
  • play one round of my YouTube “Christmas Adverts” Quiz (this is the link, and here are the questions)
  • award a “Random ClassDojo point” to a pupil
  • award a ClassDojo point to everyone on ——‘s team (chose a pupil’s name at random using Triptico “Flip Selector”, then give the whole of their team a Dojo point! They HATE the random injustice of it – or love seeing the looks on the opposing team’s faces, depending on whether they are getting a point or not!)
  • “pick again” (I couldn’t resist including that option, just to be silly… ;))

What I like about it:

  • short, sharp activities, which keeps everyone on their toes at this stage of term
  • mixture of one v one activities and team games
  • mixture of listening, speaking and reading activities (no writing…)
  • a sprinkle of Inter-Cultural Understanding in the French/German adverts
  • a fiendish randomness (which appeals to me, as you may have gathered!)
  • easily adjustable upwards and downwards depending on age/ability level
  • FUN!

I am sure you can think of other options you could include. If you give it a try, and think of any good ones, please let me know…

Joyeux Weihnachten / Frohe Noël 🙂



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