Monthly Archives: February 2015

#28daysofwriting – Trago Time

Getting properly excited waiting for the gang to arrive for pre-ILILC5 eats, now… as well as more than a tad apprehensive about my début presentation tomorrow! Double eek!



#28daysofwriting – 12 hours

8.03 log on to PC in classroom… teach full day… meeting at break time… meeting after school… French Exchange information evening… 8.03 bum hits sofa… 12 hours…


#28daysofwriting – this evening’s topic

What do you write about when you’ve had a tiring day and you have set yourself a limit of 28 words? Ah! I know!

Oops. Out of words.

#28daysofwriting – feeling small but special…

Looking up at Jupiter, Mars and Venus this evening, can’t help thinking back to my Form group’s recent assembly, inspired by Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot”… *deep sigh*…


(My phone pic of a planet. Not sure which one.)

#28daysofwriting – “Twitter is my Google”

I believe @digitalmaverick may have coined the above phrase… and it came true *again* today, when a fantastic screencast by @ICTEvangelist about “Explain Everything” came to my aid… 🙂



#28daysofwriting – horizons

Half-term’s been lovely, and yet I’m looking forward… to going back. (Silly language!) And beyond that, to #ililc5 next weekend, and then… The horizon never truly arrives, eh?


#28daysofwriting – #SecretTeacher

Teaching can be hard. But harping on about that does nobody any good. Sharing positively in forums like Twitter and Classrm does. Or stop teaching and do something else?

Sorry. 29 words. 😉