#ililc5 – Active Grammar: Janet Lloyd and Julie Prince

In advance of my own (very) digital-dependent session, this was a real antidote to all iPaddery/Androidery… Janet and Julie‘s presentation took us through a variety of in-class activities aimed at bringing grammar to life through mime, actions, colours, poems songs and all sorts of hi-jinks!

Media preview

(This is me being a noun, as we physically constructed a sentence with each of us taking a specific role… Being obliged to deconstruct grammar and explore it using appropriate metalanguage is the one legacy of Michael Gove that Janet looks back at with any degree of positivity, she said… ;))

For me, this session offered some of the most immediately-usable “take-aways” from the whole ILILC5 weekend: I have already used several activities with Y3 and Y6 classes this week, with real tangible results, in terms of how well the children feel they have understood such areas as adjectival agreements and word order when using adjectives both before and after the noun, in French.

For more information on Janet’s Primary Language Learning work, look here.

To join her thriving network, click here.


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