#ililc5 – Adding drama to language learning: Janet Lloyd

Relieved to have got my own presentation out of the way, and revitalised by the always-delicious Southampton Uni catering, I and about 15 others made our way to another Janet Lloyd-led session,after lunch. This was probably the most entertaining workshop of the weekend, in my opinion. Sat in the round, we were taken through a range of drama-based activities, including the following:

  • human puppetry (to work on imperatives, directions, parts of the body: in pairs, one person takes control of their puppet partner. @valleseco and I decided that, on balance, it made more sense for her to be the puppet!)
  • triorama-building (lending itself to filming of little scripts, perhaps at the conclusion of a unit of work)
  • paper-envelope puppets (fantastic for choral repetition, and thanks to the slight “clap” that each child’s puppet makes when its mouth shuts, great for spotting syllable errors)
  • bringing paintings to life

The latter I found the most intriguing – if perhaps the one I might find hardest to integrate into my own teaching. Over a background of Renoir’s “Luncheon of the boating party” (see below), “volunteers” were encouraged to adopt the pose of the individuals in the painting, before imagining a line of dialogue and repeating it initially alone and then all at the same time, in a very appropriate little cacophony of phrases. “Passe-moi un verre de pastis” was mine. Can you guess which character I was chosen to represent? 😉

Luncheon of the boating party

Have a look…

Did you guess correctly?


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