#ililc5 – Cooking on gas: Lisa Stevens’ final keynote

How do you bring such a fantastic weekend to a close?

No pressure!

If anyone is equipped to do so successfully, it is the phenomenon known as Lisibo! And in the longest, most well-constructed food-based metaphor in keynoting history, Lisa, treated us to a smorgasbord of baking, chef-ing and recipe-creating thoughts over a wide-ranging talk on her approach to learning and teaching.

The emotional heart to her ILILC finale reminisced about her own linguistic hero –  Luz Sanchez-Richardson, her Spanish teacher when she took her A-level, who fanned the love of languages within her to the brightly-burning flame you can’t help but see whenever you meet Lisa. I suspect most of us MFL teachers have our own “language hero”: mine was a real throw-back of a prep-school French teacher called Barry Hartley, who ruthlessly but humorously dragged me and my classmates to well beyond O-level standard by the time we were 12-13. And introduced us to the genius of Hancock’s Half-hour on vinyl….

Lisa has already blogged her own keynote here – including how she came up with the idea in the first place, a Storify of the major Tweetage that was going on during the talk, and a recording of the whole thing.

And she even made cupcakes for us all. Legend. 🙂


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