#ililc5 – Talking Walls: Ceri Anwen James

Media preview

pic by @lisibo

Having struggled (unsuccessfully) to get Aurasma to work for me, at various points over the past couple of years, I was determined to give it another go under the tutelage of Ceri Anwen James – another person I’ve got to know on Twitter but was delighted to meet “in the flesh” last weekend.

Ceri first told us about her brand-new school, Ysgol Gyfun Bro Edern, in the east of Cardiff, where technology has been prioritised as an aid to the pupils learning. Ceri has been in the forefront of this approach, and has employed the Augmented Reality app to bring her walls to life with pupils’ speech – as well as exemplar material provided by native speakers, I believe. It’s also a fantastic way to show off to visiting parents and other VIPs!

The motivational aspect to having your words leap, Harry Potter’s “Daily Prophet”-style, off the 2D page, cannot be underestimated – nor the value of having excellent spoken material ready to refer to on the walls at the wave of a phone or tablet screen.

Ceri’s presentation, containing valuable info about how to go about using Aurasma (and yes, I DID get it to work… and no, I STILL don’t really understand how!) is here. But I know she will gladly offer her expertise via Twitter too, if like me you find it all a little mind-blowing!


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