I had two one-off lessons with mixed groups of pupils from my own and a colleague’s class today: two members of the Department, and about half the yeargroup, are away on the German and Spanish Exchanges.

So I handed out the tablets, they fired up Linguascope, and a pupil chose the first topic. Using Triptico’s funky virtual-sand eggtimer, I set them 9 minutes to tackle as many activities on that topic as possible. Whenever a pupil set a new record – a high score or a fastest time – on one of the activities, I wrote it up on the whiteboard, and gave them a ClassDojo point. (In my lessons, 3 Dojo points are worth 1 school credit…) The scores evolved really quickly – especially on things like “Images Brouillées”!

After 9 minutes, another pupil chose a new topic. And so on. So we got through quite a few in one lesson… And the competitive atmosphere was quite something!

Give it a try, sometime, and let me know how it goes… 🙂


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