#summer10… and the livin’ is easy…

Here’s the brief, from Rachel Jones: “I wanted to make the summer holidays purposeful and do something that have meaning for me, and the #summer10 was born. Here is the deal, you decide at the beginning of the holidays 10 things that you would like to achieve, and then report back at the end how you did. There is no guilt here – so no feeling bad if you don’t get them all done. I also think one ONE should be work related, you know, to keep the work life balance thing in check. I would really like a lot of folk to get involved with this, and really make the most of a teachers most precious time of the year. Here is mine.”

A little bit like a summertime #Nurture1415 post, then? Well, I’m game for that – it’s probably about time I reviewed my progress on that, too… So – in no particular order but more or less as they splurge out, stream-of-unconsciously:

  1. Enjoy the garden! We spent shedloads on our (ironically shed-free) back garden, this year, and are not going away at all, so plan to get out and make the most of it. Planting is done, weeding is easy because of the way we have designed it, and the built-in sofa is very tempting. All we need is the weather to join in the fun, now…
  2. Get back to blogging. Been a while since I putanything on here, and also want to do a bit more on staffrm
  3. Spend plenty of us-time with @MrsBellacat. We are so lucky with where we live: the New Forest is on the doorstep, the sea is not much further, and we both love it, round ‘ere 🙂
  4. Take care of me. I have had a good “calendar year”, mental health-wise, with no real encroachments from the old black dog. And I am determined to ensure that I set myself up, over the summer, for September’s challenges. Exercise, good food, not too much vino… 😉
  5. And that means, perhaps counter-intuitively, not relaxing SO much that getting back into gear is such a shock, when the time comes. So I will be doing little bits and bobs of work to “keep my eye in”. Keeping the balance*.
  6. Just like Rach, I mean to read. I am a voracious reader, but in term time I find, along with many teachers, that the opportunities and motivation to read for pleasure are buried under the reading that has to be done (for professional purposes). I am currently reading 3 books, with another couple on the waiting list… and none of them has anything to do with education 🙂
  7. Painting. Those of you who know me a bit will know that I love to paint, but I have not done very much at all, this year. I mean to remedy that, over the summer…
  8. Sport… I am writing this with Australia 80-odd for 1 in the Lord’s Test of the Ashes Series, England having whooped them at Cardiff – and TMS on the radio is the back-drop to my summer. Along with the Tour de France on ITV4, and the Open… and so on. Plus of course my hockey on Saturday mornings. Our team fragments somewhat over the summer, but we have started using Doodle to nail down who is and isn’t around for each session: very handy.
  9. Family time. Fun and frolics with my sis and her two (nearly 6 and 2). She’s got them little lifejackets, so we will be able to take them out on dad’s sailing boat… going to be brilliant!
  10. Big August Birthday Bash. My mum, cousin and brother have birthdays on consecutive days in the final throes of August (including my cousin’s 50th, this year), and there will once again be getting on for 50 or 60 of us (featuring newly-borns galore) heading down to the family roots in Angle, near Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire, for festivities in that last week… before everything kicks off again. Bank Holiday Monday is the 31st August (my bro’s birthday), and the first of our two INSET days is the 1st September… so I may well still be covered in sand and full of crab when term restarts once more!

That’s mine. What about you? Whatever you do – enjoy your #summer10! 🙂

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* I am not saying “work/life balance” any more. Work is part of my life… 😉


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