#blimage – Let’s go outside and play!

Rachel Jones (@rlj1981) has thrown down the blimage gauntlet, which Steve Wheeler and Amy Burvall came up with earlier this month, as a fresh way to inspire educational bloggers, via an image sent to them by someone in their PLN.

This is the picture Rachel tweeted out, a day or two ago. I love Calvin and Hobbes, and enjoy receiving cartoons in my Twitter feed. There’s a warmth and a humanity about them – and in the context of the headline-dominating news about Cedric the lion and the hunter/dentist, these four frames take on an added poignancy.

calvin_and_hobbes_off_ritalin source

But when I did a little more digging, I found this:

Calvin and Hobbes - Snap out of it source

So sad… And is it likely to be depressingly prophetic? Not so much in the sense of pupils being increasingly medicated in a bid to control whatever syndrome, but the feeling that more and more kids are losing their childhoods, and finding their lives dominated by homework and assessments…

I aim to take my lessons beyond paper, desks, (even walls and windows) whenever I can, and I like to think that not only do I help my pupils retain sight of the fun and wonder inherent in the learning process, but that they help me to do the same. Let’s go outside and play!

PS I know it’s a bit of a cheat to add a second (bl)image! 🙂

PPS I know the first three panels aren’t by Bill Watterson… 😉


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