Social Media in schools – #BETTchat 28/7/15

Looking foward to it

I took part in a very interesting BETTchat on Twitter on the 28th July. It has taken me up until now to get around to putting together this post (having too much fun on holiday, quite frankly!)

This is not a complete Storify of the chat, but the tweets which I have prioritised, from my own perspective and with my own practice and my school in mind – but I hope it might be of use to others too.

Firstly, here are the 5 questions asked by Rachel Orr, the curator of the chat on this occasion:

Q1 How much do we hide from SM in schools Q2 Do school FB accounts lead to slanging matches

Q3 How does sch use SM to link students, in or outside lessons Q4 How do you get staff onboard with SM

Q5 Dos and Don'ts for SM in school

Here are the tweeted responses/further questions I selected – in no particular order, sorry! There are a few very useful links to posts which others have read, in amongst them. I certainly plan to show my SMT the specially-created Facebook page that Rachel mentions.

A1 Fear of negative comments on school accounts  A1 No different to playground comments.

A1 Facebook page - best parental link we've done  A1 Not sure how or what for A1 Positives outeigh negatives A1 School Twitter account - an approach to follow A2 Importance of privacy settings A2 Work out what you want your FB page to do - link to website, Twitter etc A3 Dept accounts enable revision and celebration of pupils' work A3 Edmodo - good in- and outside lessons, and walled garden so safe A3 Great potential for links btwn schools, project work A4 Don't force reluctant colleagues - but show positive impact A5 We must model it for students to learn how to use it sensibly But links can transmit enthusiasm btwn staff & pupils & parents Clear online boundaries needed btwn staff & pupils & parents eCadets Engage, exploit, make it work for you FB with restricted comments - just another channel How do you counter the NO TIME response from colleagues I make time for what matters to me Link all SM systems, email, text together for ease of use   Member of staff as SM admin Parents can be very supportive of school FB sites Purpose-built FB page - no problems yet after 18 months    School FB page builder - Blippit SM has reduced enquiries to school office Using Twitter with Y2 - blogpost Walled gardens Workload reduced - less phonecalls

And this is the key point, for me:

Love it or hate it - SM is here to stay, so make it work for you

What do you think?


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