The Long Jump

As the Rio Olympics get underway, I’ve been reflecting about how our job has many parallels to that of sportspeople. And today I began to think about the similarities with the Long Jump in particular. Bear with me!

We both have pauses in between sudden bouts of frenetic activity, during which we must immediately raise our performance level to the highest we can sustain. And ideally we need to do better each “round”/term. 

We both have people in white coats measuring our performance, and raising a red flag if we step on the plasticine strip (find your own metaphor for that one!)

We both have to start afresh each time, with helpful people raking over the pit in between…

One of my focuses for reflection this summer is how to make sure that I a) start the new “competition”/school year fresh and b) manage the transition from relaxingly busy summer to hell-for-leather dash into the Autumn term. Any ideas? Thanks in advance…


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