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Sailability at Blashford Lake

Well, I have just been creating a new InigoApp digital calling card, drawing together various facets of my e-life (phone, social media, webstuff…) including this blog, and it occurred to me that there was nothing recent actually on here – and that I’d better do something about it, just in case anyone actually has a look… So there we are.

Summer has often been a rather funny time for me, in recent years. It has seen the stealthy beginnings of the black dog’s stalkings – but only in retrospect, unfortunately. I only feel the heavy paws on my shoulders once it has been matching my steps for some time. And then it’s always been too late…

Not this summer, I hope, though.

I got to the end of the academic year in pretty reasonable fettle – despite the final half-term of the year always being my busiest, what with French Exchange trip, exam marking, report writing and so on, on top of the day-to-day-job, herding classfuls of cats as they plunge headlong towards the finish line.

Now where I have sometimes ‘gone wrong’* in the past is letting myself drop off a cliff, immediately after term finishes, going from 60 to 0 in a matter of days, lolling about listening to stuff in the garden and not… doing anything, much. Which has, I guess, stored up challenges for September when the opposite situation looms, and a fresh new cliff-face has to be scaled.

So over the past couple of years I have looked to keep myself gainfully occupied over the summer and beyond. Volunteering at my local Sailability club has been hugely rewarding as well as great fun, and has tapped into something a part of me which first really surfaced in the summer of 2012, in my time as a Gamesmaker.

And I have also rediscovered acting, with Lymington Players. Last year I actually took part in all three productions, meaning that I was rehearsing two evenings a week from September to April, with a short break over Christmas… Tiring, but a vital ‘safety valve’, ensuring that I didn’t get too blinkered and allow the work-life balance to lurch too heavily to the ‘work’ side.

This summer, as well as keeping up with the volunteering, I am running some sessions at my school’s Summer Camp – an Animation Workshop, shepherding kids through the basics of stop-motion animation and green-screening.

So I don’t anticipate feeling the hot breath of the aforementioned black dog down my neck anytime soon… fingers crossed.



*not that there’s actually anything wrong with that… put the ‘beat yourself stick’ down, Alex!