Silver Linings and Pots of Gold – update

I have been back at work for a week and a half now. Although I am actually signed off until next Monday, I have been feeling so much better that instead of just watching the person who has been taking my classes, and gradually involving myself more and more in the process, I have more or less taken over already…

And what is even better is the outcome of sharing the link to my previous post with all my colleagues. I was not sure how they would react, to be honest, and in the email I sent out, I made it clear that I didn’t expect them to read it, necessarily, if they felt uncomfortable doing so… and that I certainly didn’t to ram the whole issue of Mental Health down anyones’ throats.

But the reaction has been stunning. I have had quietly heartfelt little conversations with so many colleagues; some admitting similar periods in their own lives, or in close friends or relatives…others asking permission to share my post with their kin, as they felt it might help.

I certainly would not wish myself back into depression, but if I’ve pushed the closed door of Mental Health ajar, in our staffroom, that’s great…

Onwards and upwards!


One response to “Silver Linings and Pots of Gold – update

  • jackieberry

    It’s great to hear you’re doing so well, Alex. Your honesty and bravery in sharing your experiences with your colleagues and the wider world has not only helped you, but also many others who are facing their own personal battles to realise they are not alone and that they, too can conquer their demons. Welcome back to the chalkface. x

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